Multimodality/Screening Course Combination • Scottsdale, AZ - March 2-6, 2015

"Once again the best breast conference I have ever attended." - Shawn Reesman MD, West Virginia

"Absolutely the best CME course I've attended. Will highly recommend without reservation!" - Steven Cunningham, MD Hattiesburg, MD
"This course is meticulously presented and organized.  6 stars out of a possible 5."

"Dr. Tabár was masterful."

"Great practical approach to the subject."


8 Hours Tomosynthesis & 3-Day Screening Course - Scottsdale, AZ (September 15 - 17, 2014)

"Excellent course!  Beautiful slide and great rad/path correlation."

"Absolutely fantastic sessions, very practical screening cases, all of which have/will make me a much better radiologist."

"Dr. Tabár as always - so dynamic and engaging. I love the way he thinks about breast cancer. Beautiful cases. Really helpful for daily screening cases - it has change and improved my practice!!"


Scottsdale, Arizona • October 2013

"I am a devoted follower and have recently finished your delightful course in Scottsdale.  I think it was either my 4th or 5th course.  I use your course to tune up my eyes.  I was so happy when you started the screening course again, it is so useful.  It makes your work and it is not passive learning.

Just wanted to tell you the 3rd case back to work was a subtle asymmetric density, worked it up and had subtle architectural distortion.  It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up since it looked exactly like the screening cases.  Most of the guys in my group would have passed on this one. Went to US and found the cancer.  You continue to push back on cancer and I thank you for that.  Keep on with the good fight."

- Dana Murakami, M.D.  Las Vegas


Sunshine Coast, Australia • February 27 – March 1, 2013

"Every course I have been with Prof. Tabár is fantastic. Someone of his caliber will never be found again. His courses are inspiring generations to be the best they can be."

"Wonderful course. Thanks so much for your time and amazing dedication! What would we do without you!"

"Fantastic teaching Prof. Tabár - I loved every moment. My third course and will be back for more. Love your 3D book! Thanks for being so inspirational."

"My 5th course with Prof. Tabár over 20 years. He never disappointed me and was great!"

"Dr. Tabár is incomparable to any. Most dedicated, brilliant and entertaining breast radiologist."

"Superb course. No more needs to be said."

"Thank you for doing this once again in Australia. You have made a big influence on Australian mammography."

"Great course, very helpful. Will be back for future courses."

"Very helpful!"

"A fantastic 3 days that has really gave the foundations for understanding of reading and interpreting mammograms. Thanks."

"Excellent course. Very much appreciated all the trouble to prepare and to come such a long way from home."

"Fantastic lectures and workshops."

"Very educational and practical. I would regularly attend every alternate year."

"Excellent course as usual."

"Excellent teaching as always. Great content on workstations addressing the most difficult areas to interpret."

"Great sessions on the workstations. Skipping stone-like calcifications are new and very useful."

"I found this course more useful and practical than the multimodality course and better because of the smaller number of participants. I really ENJOYED this course. Thanks."

"Excellent, as usual."

"Excellent course, helped me with classifying the asymmetric densities. On hands screening cases were really good way of practicing what was thought in the lectures. Thank you Dr. Tabár!!"

"Excellent, excellent course! Great cases."

"Very well organized by an excellent presenter. I look forward to attending future courses."

"As expected, absolutely fantastic"  

Sunshine Coast, Australia • February 13 – 15, 2013

"Excellent course, will do it again."


"MEI courses are the benchmark against which all other teaching courses are measured!"

"Excellent course. I have improved my confidence in breast screening. Well organized."

"A fabulous course, a lot to take home to my everyday work!"

"Great learning experience."

"A different course theme - possibly the most difficult to communicate, but as always, Laszlo knows how to get the message across, how to manage the non-specific asymmetric densities."

"Truly excellent. The maximum amount of image reading is very helpful."

"I very much appreciated the workshop. So good to work through cases with the expert and to hear how to approach the mammogram. Beautiful pathology and radiology images. Thank you!"

"Very happy and very satisfied with the course. I have learned a lot of basic skills in mammography interpretation. Will recommend to everybody."

"Well worth doing."

"Excellent. Improved my knowledge and skill. Very entertaining."

"I have really enjoyed this course. Laszlo has shared knowledge using fantastic teaching technique which has allowed my understanding to increase greatly. I now feel more confident about what I am seeing and am therefore more confident in making decisions."

Multimodality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases

This course teaches the implications of mammography, breast MRI, hand-held and 3-dimensional automated breast ultrasound as well as interventional methods as part of the interdisciplinary team work. The mammographic, ultrasound, breast MRI and large section histology images of a wide range of breast diseases will be explained didactically, using the latest presentation technology tools in a unique presentation format.

MEI provides training and teaching on all aspects of breast imaging using the multimodality approach: mammography, breast ultraosund, tomosynthesis, breast MRI. Internationally reknowned Faculty teaches each of the imaging modalities.

For more details about the Multimodality Course, click HERE.


Hands-on Screening Course Overview

MEI offers a newly-designed Hands-on Screening Course (3-day). This course fulfills the following MQSA and ACR accreditation requirements:  

  • Interpretation/multi-reading of at least 240 mammograms under direct supervision of a qualified interpreting physician.
  • Initial qualifications for Full Field Digital mammography (FFDM) under MQSA
  • Instruction in the interpretation of mammograms and education in basic breast anatomy, pathology, physiology.
For a detailed description of the Screening Course, click HERE.

Hands-on screening at high quality viewing stations.
Hands-on screening at high-quality viewing stations