Advanced Course in the Gold Coast Australia - November 8-10, 2017

Please bring this course back to Australia - I am already recruiting my colleagues.


Excellent approach and structure for thinking.


Great cases and excellent content.


Loved the correlation between radiologist and pathology- (I am a Pathologist) Fantastic course.


Superb as usual.


22 years later and still the most excellent course!!



Gold Coast Screening Course - November 14-17, 2017

Fantastic Educator!


Your passion for teaching is beyond anything one can imagine-invaluable to us and is an eye opener.


I have been able to better appreciate the manner of pathology like never before.


Excellent content and easy to understand. This course empowers me in my work.


Dr. Tabar brings with him his extensive experience and case studies. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and would love to come back for future screening sessions.


I have been attending your courses regularly and each time I learn more.


Multimodality/Screening Course Combination - October 2017 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Your course was the ultimate. You have always been beyond excellent, other breast specialists have never been able to hold a candle to you, but you surmounted even yourself!!!! Everything was a pearl, and so well thought out, presented, supported… It was really amazing. I promised Laura that she was in for the course of her lifetime, and I’m sure she thought that I was exaggerating, but afterward and during, she kept telling me “you were right!!!” I’m lucky to have a surgeon who really cares and tries to do her best.

  -- Dr. Marla Lander


Multimodality/Screening Course Combination - September 11-15, 2017 - Scottsdale, AZ

It was a fantastic course this past week. Although I have been to your courses numerous times, I always take away new things and this year was more beneficial than ever. Interestingly, I think the area where I may benefit the most is in interpreting MRIs. As usual, terrific education in numerous aspects of breast imaging were taught with your special insights.


This course was also special because of the congeniality of the attendees.


I will miss seeing you in Scottsdale because I get to visit with my friend and former colleague who has had ALS for too long.


I hope to see you at another course elsewhere which would give me an excuse to travel.


Please take care of yourself. You probably need to take at least a little break sometimes.


I will write you as I go over your materials. I really appreciate your generosity. The desire to educate generations of radiologists has been born out in how well the specialty has matured. In reality there are probably only two types of breast imagers. Ones trained by Tabar, and the other ones that were trained by radiologists that were trained by Tabar.

Take care,

David Eisner

My 7th time (at least) - I always learn something that helps my practice of breast imaging.



This an amazing course, unlike any others out there for breast imaging.  Kudos to Dr. Tabar!



Outstanding teacher - very instructive and entertaining course.  Although the course was intensive, it was not tiring. Thank you very much for this gorgeous experience.



Will strongly encourage my other Canadian colleagues to attend future Tabar courses - Really enjoyed it.



Wonderful course!  Thank you Dr. Tabar



The most valuable mammography educations experience ever.  I attend this meeting every two years. 


- Dr. Rebecca Rodie


Wonderful correlation of pathology with imaging. Excellent - especially for fellows in breast - A must!



Exceeded my expectations in every way.  I would like to attend it again. 


- Dr. Bakul Lather


Beyond Excellent!



Thank you for your humor - All radiology residents should know about this course!



Thank you very much Dr. Tabar. You have been made my life very satisfying in the practice of diagnostic mammography. You have made it so that I can go home at night and sleep without worrying about what I did during the day. You taught me well, you are an excellent professor, the best in your field. You have saved women countless miseries by having taught your students how to find breast cancer early. When you quit teaching there will be no replacement. When you quit teaching there will be a void. 



I hope I live long enough and the opportunity presents itself so that I can come and visit you in Sweden. I would like to see the world that brought you to a point that you have helped so many. I will always remember you and keep you in my prayers.

- Angus Graham, MD


Multimodality/Screening Course Combination with MRI
May 1-5, 2017 - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Tabar's passion and knowledge truly inspired me.  This was the best class I have attended in 20 years.  I finally appreciate pathology slides.  The facility and class organization were superb.

Professor Tabar exceeded all expectations and Dr. Gillian Newstead breast MRI lectures were phenomenal.

Superb conference.  I hope to attend many more.  This will have a big effect on my practice, especially evaluation of DAB and recommendation of MRI on all cancers.

Fantastic course!  Loved having the 200 extra cases.

This was such a phenomenal course-Hands-On Screening to reinforce the lectures was vital.  I can only hope you continue to give this course.

I have greatly benefited from this course.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment.

I enjoyed every hour and every lecture of this course.



Multimodality Diagnosis of Breast Diseases and Hands-on Screening Course
December 2016 - Torino, Italy

Dear Laszlo,

It was a pleasure for me to participate in your fantastic course, the best of mammographic/histopathologic correlation. Your point of view about interpretation of different histological breast cancer is very interesting. I am reconsidering my histopathological reports according to your suggestions.

Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity and I hope to see you in the near feature to update you with megacassette activities in my lab.

Fabrizio Zanconati, MD
Professor of Pathology
Cattinara Hospital
University of Trieste, TRIESTE - ITALY


Multimodality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases Course with Screening
November 9-11, 2016 - Singapore

Wish this course was longer... There are so many things to learn from Professor Tabár.

Excellent course with lots of new updated material. hands-On screening sessions were very useful. It reinforced my knowledge and increased my confidence.

Excellent correlation with pathology.

Dr. Tabár has made me a better radiologist.

Thank you Dr. Tabár for this awakening!



Speaking Engagement
March 22-24, 2016 - United Arab Emirates

​I fail words to thank you this time too. You made my life easier, delivered the right message in no time by your magical effect. Everybody was so impressed and amazed , they've never heard such revolution. Since I've met you for the first time in Amman last year, I could feel that following you will change my life and beliefs in breast imaging. GOD bless you with looooong life to deliver this science to the entire world!

- Dr. Asma Saeed Khammas

Multimodality/Screening Course Combination with ABUS (5-Day Conference)
October 24-28, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ

Best course I ever took. Excellent hotel, conference rooms and location. Most educational CME course by far. Screening mammo and ABUS went very well.

Excellent without comparison.

No criticism. Excellent content, well presented, good food, lovely venue.

Thank you Dr. Tabár for another great course!

It was an excellent course, As a resident it gave me a solid foundation for the future. The screening practice was excellent.

Excellent course, use of time and resources. Hands-On ABUS course was invaluable-size of conference was ideal.


Multimodality/Screening Course Combination with ABUS (5-Day Conference)
September 24-28, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ

Loved the course-superseded my expectations.

I am definitely more confident reading mammograms and expect to see a reduction in my call backs.

Laszlo was superb and I am so glad I came to this course. This has been a revelation.

Very good cases during screening. Highly recommend this course.

This course made me understand better all of the pathophysiology of cases that I encounter in my practice.

Absolutely the best CME course I have attended in 25 years as a practicing radiologist.


Multimodality/Screening Course Combination with MRI (5-Day Conference)
May 2-5, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you again for such a enjoyable and educational conference this past week. The teaching and cases were excellent. The best part, however, was that when I got home, I realized I am more excited than ever to come back to work and practice breast imaging! How often does one come back from a vacation and feel excited to go back to work? I will encourage my future colleagues to come to your course.

Allison Zupon - University of Kansas Medical Center

Very detailed information-wonderful learning experience.

I have never listened to any lecturer so passionate about a topic. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Tabár's unique style and breadth of knowledge on the subject. I took away many "pearls." I wish I had been able to attend this conference earlier in my career.

Fantastic course and fantastic examples - Thank you for a great experience.

Excellent course!

Loved it as usual!


Multimodality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases & Hands-on Screening Course
March 22 - 26, 2016 - Dubai, UAE

Dear Professor Tabár,
It was a real great honor for us to attend your course in Dubai, I still confess that it is the best course I have ever attended in my life (23 years of working), although I have been teaching for years and years – but you proved to be the best teacher I have ever met.

The radiologists working with me are impressed with my new way of thinking, reading and interpreting mammo, MRI, etc.

You are making history for medicine!

I really don't know how to thank you for your gentle, kind cooperation, or for the great teaching you are doing. Unbelievable amazing work! My thanks will never be enough or equal to what you are doing.

Until I attend another one of your courses, as we discussed earlier, can you please send me the narrated first presentation you made and the one of mammographic calcifications? They will help my career a lot.

Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Noureldin Msc, MD, PhD, FEBBS, FACS
Professor and Consultant General and Breast Surgeon, KSA
European Board of Breast Surgery
Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
German Diploma of Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery
Editor Journal of Case Reports and Images in Surgery
Member of The European Society of Surgical Oncology



Multimodality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases

This course teaches the implications of mammography, breast MRI, hand-held and 3-dimensional automated breast ultrasound as well as interventional methods as part of the interdisciplinary team work. The mammographic, ultrasound, breast MRI and large section histology images of a wide range of breast diseases will be explained didactically, using the latest presentation technology tools in a unique presentation format.

MEI provides training and teaching on all aspects of breast imaging using the multimodality approach: mammography, breast ultraosund, tomosynthesis, breast MRI. Internationally reknowned Faculty teaches each of the imaging modalities.

For more details about the Multimodality Course, click HERE.


Hands-on Screening Course Overview

MEI offers a newly-designed Hands-on Screening Course (3-day). This course fulfills the following MQSA and ACR accreditation requirements:  

  • Interpretation/multi-reading of at least 240 mammograms under direct supervision of a qualified interpreting physician.
  • Initial qualifications for Full Field Digital mammography (FFDM) under MQSA
  • Instruction in the interpretation of mammograms and education in basic breast anatomy, pathology, physiology.
For a detailed description of the Screening Course, click HERE.

Hands-on screening at high quality viewing stations.
Hands-on screening at high-quality viewing stations