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Multimodality Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases

This course teaches the implications of mammography, breast MRI, hand-held and 3-dimensional automated breast ultrasound as well as interventional methods as part of the interdisciplinary team work. The mammographic, ultrasound, breast MRI and large section histology images of a wide range of breast diseases will be explained didactically, using the latest presentation technology tools in a unique presentation format.

MEI provides training and teaching on all aspects of breast imaging using the multimodality approach: mammography, breast ultraosund, tomosynthesis, breast MRI. Internationally reknowned Faculty teaches each of the imaging modalities.

For more details about the Multimodality Course, click HERE.


Hands-on Screening Course Overview

MEI offers a newly-designed Hands-on Screening Course (3-day). This course fulfills the following MQSA and ACR accreditation requirements:  

  • Interpretation/multi-reading of at least 240 mammograms under direct supervision of a qualified interpreting physician.
  • Initial qualifications for Full Field Digital mammography (FFDM) under MQSA
  • Instruction in the interpretation of mammograms and education in basic breast anatomy, pathology, physiology.
For a detailed description of the Screening Course, click HERE.

Hands-on screening at high quality viewing stations.
Hands-on screening at high-quality viewing stations