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Photographic Antidote to Stress


The photographs in these books will hopefully distract the reader's attention from anxiety in general and stressful situations in particular.

Volume I focuses upon the beauty of nature, particularly flowers and lichens. Volumes II and III deal mainly with reflections of light from a variety of surfaces.

Volume I    Volume II
  Volume III

 You are invited to enjoy the beauty of nature along with an occasional challenge about how the image was produced or what is being reflected. The photographs in these books can also bring out your personal preferences for colors at the ends of the spectrum, reds versus blues.

It is interesting to note that some people prefer the red flowers of Volume I, while others prefer the blue color images. The photographs in Volume II are mostly blueish at the beginning and mostly reddish and golden at the end. Winter weather can still be very cold, such as on a January day in Falun, Sweden, when exquisite ice crystals were formed on the windows. The rising sun gave the ice crystals a deep gold color. After the sun had set only a few hours later the ice-crystals looked like jewelry made of silver.

You can test yourself to see if you prefer the gold or the silver ice crystals in Volume III.

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